Sponsors and Case Studies

Safe Places logo

  • An elderly lady has her purse stolen when out shopping; she sees the safe places sign in the window of a shop and goes in. She is very shaken up and asks the staff to assist her to call the police. She doesn’t have an ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) card but is able to tell the staff her daughters phone number so they call her for the lady and reassure the lady her daughter is on her way. They ask the lady to take a seat somewhere quiet and give her a glass of water while she is waiting for the police and her daughter.

Victim Support Logo

  • A child misses his bus home after school and his mobile phone battery has died, he sees the safe places sign and goes into the supermarket. He asks a member of staff if he can borrow a phone to call his parents to come and collect him. The staff enabled him to do this and then he waited for his mother to arrive.

Age Concern logo

  • A man with a learning disability and autism became lost when out in town with staff from the day service. He came across a building with the safe place sticker in the window and went in. He appeared very agitated and anxious and was rude to staff in the shop, they calmed him down and asked for his ICE card. He gave the card to staff and they called the day service number listed in the card for them to come and collect him. The member of staff also talked to him about trains which are his favourite thing and they got this information from the ICE card.

Wiltshire Police

  • A woman became ill one evening when walking to her car after having been to the cinema. She saw safe places sign in a restaurant window and went in, the restaurant staff reassured the woman but unfortunately her health deteriorated so they called an ambulance. The woman asked the staff to text her husband from her phone to let him know she was going to hospital. The staff waited with her in the restaurant in a quiet area until the ambulance arrived.WC_Logo_Supported_RGB


  • A teenager enters a shop; they appear anxious and not interested in purchasing anything. Staff speak with the teenager who says they have just witnessed a fight between two people. Seeing the fight caused them to fear for their own safety and upset them. The shopkeeper was unsure what to do so refers to the safeguarding flowchart in the resource pack as the teenager is in distress. The shopkeeper identifies that it is likely a crime has been committed (assault) and the teenager is a witness; following the advice of the safeguarding flowchart the shopkeeper contacts the emergency services (police).WCSP logo

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